Freedom and non-Utopia

Reflecting on today’s therapy, I realized that I said, “I mean, what do you do when your dreams come true?”  In that moment of rest, it feels like the game stops, hence why there is always more work to do.  What if the game did stop, and there was no more justice to be served, no more opression to work towards ending, no more internal battle between self and Self?  Well, the good news is that it doesn’t.  This space, this Utopia, this Heaven…how boring.

I once heard that angels are not exactly ‘happy.’  Their interaction with humans is imperative towards a meaningful existence.  I can’t tell you the source, I wish I remembered.  But the thought is interesting.  Realizing that the goal is not all it is cracked up to be…that to me is freedom.  Not the space where we experience rest, nor the tangible sense of Utopia, but the choice that we make in continuing the game.


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