God and Creation, Mysticism and the Nothing

“Mysticism surrenders to ecstasy over the fact that things exist, and it shows reverence to the One revealed in them and veiled behind them…But the quantum vacuum still belongs to the order of the universe.  What happened before time?  What was God doing before creating heaven and Earth, many have asked.  ‘Preparing hell for whoever should irreverently seek to inquire into such mysteries,’ responded St. Augustine, who pondered the question of time and eternity extensively.*…..

In a ‘moment’ of God’s fullness, God decides to create a mirror in which to view God’s self…Creating means going down or decaying, that is, allowing the emergence of something that is not God and does not have the characteristics of God’s essence (absolute symmetry, life without entropy, coexistence of all contraries, infinity, infinite opening to new interactions)…Hence decay here…means the emergence of an otherness that comes from God without being God, but which depends on God, bears the marks of God, and points toward God.”

-Leonardo Boff, Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor. p, 144, 145.

*Augustine, Confessions XI, 12, 14.


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