Awakening to the Dream

This morning after a little unease and confusion I found myself saying, “I feel like I’m waking up from a dream that I’m not ready to wake up from.”  Referring to my life and current situation, I was unsure how to go about my day.

In his book, The Unfolding Self, psychologist and consciousness studies pioneer Ralph Metzner discusses awakening from the dream of reality.  When something in one’s consciouness shifts, how does the rest follow?  Daily tasks, practices, habits, routines…the materal stuff?

There is a lot of pressure in writing one’s first blog post.  I get the sense this intuition has something to do with this morning’s “awakening,” or more aptly, “rude awakening.”  To me there is a linear process to the whole blogging thing – sign up, choose a format, add some designs, and post!  However, dreams are cyclical.  The characters are never who they appear to be, the messages get skewed, and personal interpretation might as well go out the window.

The unconscious does its job, and the rest follows.  In “following one’s dreams” in reality, or our waking state, we rarely get that opening.  Most days, most of our lives actually is about the monotony of paving the way, or making room for that opening, or the possibility of the to come.

It reminds me of Superman, when he rips open his shirt to reveal that which is hidden inside.

When the time is right, things don’t just “work themselves out.”  We have to rip open the fabric to reveal that which is hiding inside.


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